2014  Red Sox Tickets – Top 5 Series At Fenway
Winning the World Series is a surefire way to boost the price of tickets for the following season. After a disappointing 2012 season, the 2013 average for Red Sox tickets at Fenway Park was $139.86, still well above the league average.  However after a World Series championship,  this year’s average has increased to $144, marking an upward ticket price trend of 3% from the previous year. Fenway Park will see a slew of higher than average games during the season. While the Yankees are considered the Red Sox’s top opponent and hold the majority of the most expensive home games on the Boston Red Sox schedule,  the Brewers, Cubs, Royals, and Angels also generate the highest ticket interest for Red Sox games at Fenway Park.

New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox  /  Avg. Ticket Price: $248
When the Yankees travel to Boston, there is no doubt that each team’s rich history is present during every game. Fans understand the importance of these games, and average ticket prices show it. An average Red Sox vs Yankees ticket price throughout the season is $248, with a 72% premium over the course of the year. Whether it is to stress the importance of early-season matchups between the two teams or to see Derek Jeter hear his final boos from the Boston faithful this summer, fans make sure to get their tickets for one of the premiere  rivalries in all of sports.

Milwaukee Brewers vs Boston Red Sox  / Avg. Ticket Price: $177
The Milwaukee Brewers also prove to be a top opponent for the Boston Red Sox. Slugger Ryan Braun and his team come into Beantown and are not disappointed by attendance numbers, as an average Red Sox vs. Brewers ticket goes for $177, with a premium of 23%.

Chicago Cubs vs. Boston Red Sox  /  Avg. Ticket Price: $162
The Chicago Cubs, as lackadaisical as their club may be, carry high ticket prices with them when they make the trip to Fenway Park. The Cubs visit to Boston along with their promising young shortstop, Starlin Castro,  has driven the average Red Sox vs. Cubs tickets up to $162, a 12.5% premium.

Kansas City Royals vs Boston Red Sox  /  Avg. Ticket Price: $160
Hailing from the AL Central Division are the Kansas City Royals, who surprisingly also bring big ticket prices to Boston. Average Boston Red Sox vs Kansas City Royals tickets are $160, with a premium of 11%.
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs Boston Red Sox  /  Avg. Ticket Price: $150
The long trip from California to Boston for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is well worth the time, as ticket prices are noticeably high when they face off against the Red Sox. An average Red Sox vs. Angels ticket is currently available for $150, with a 4% premium of the Red Sox home average.

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