I said this on Twitter the other day and I’ll say it again. Not a day has gone by since David Ortiz turned the tide of the 2013 ALCS with his game two grand slam, sending Torii Hunter airborn and into sports meme history, that I haven’t watched this video:

Seriously, is there ever a reason to stop watching it? Is there any shitty, wind chill on your neck, ice water in your boots day that can’t be somewhat saved by teleporting yourself back to the moment that Big Papi threw us all on his back and turned what could have been an 0-2 hole into a momentum-shifting nuclear explosion?

I say no. So we must keep watching. And I would also respectfully suggest to any members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who might read this that you say “f#$k all” to your rules and name this clip Best Picture of 2013.