Man, the stretch from the end of last night’s game to right now, roughly 90 minutes before tonight’s first pitch, has been murder. But it’s almost here. And with Doug Fister going for the Tigers tonight, I’m hoping the bats come back from the dead, and we see a little bit of the fireworks we saw in game one of the ALDS.

I’m not at all worried about Peavy. The guy’s a gamer, and you know he’s been dying to get another crack at the postseason. Our starters seem to feed off each other’s good fortune, so I’m hoping that Peavs goes out there and gives it “the full Lackey” tonight.

Last night’s win gives us a bit of breathing room. But not that much. A win tonight would put us just one game away from a trip to the World Series and, perhaps more importantly, reduce the possibility of an all-or-nothing game seven with Verlander on the hill. Not that Fister’s a push over, but if we have a game not started by someone named Scherzer of Verlander we better make damn sure we take advantage and get our cuts in.

I’m in full no-sleep-running-on-fumes mode. And I gotta say, I’ve missed this feeling.

It’s game four, mofos. Who ya got??