With the start of a four game set in Happytown, the Sox have a chance to put a sizable hurtin’ on the Yankees. Every win will beef up the already imposing 8 game lead the Sox currently enjoy. Dare I suggest that a sweep would pretty much eliminate any Yankee post-season aspirations. On the heels of that insane pasting of the Tigers last night, I’ve got to hope the boys have fine-tuned their killer instincts.

But the bigger story, of course, is when and against who the Yankees will choose to exact revenge for A-Rod’s pelting at the hands of Ryan Dempster.

Someone in our line-up is getting hit tonight (or, if they want to be coy about it, tomorrow night), and I can only hope that Coach Farrell has sat everyone down and begged them not to charge the mound or throw a chair, WWE-style, or grab a rusty knife and threaten to shiv somebody. I don’t want John Lackey lumbering into a donnybrook only to have his lumbago act up. I want everyone healthy for a smooth October run. So when it comes–hopefully to the ass or thigh–take it, smile, drop yer bat and take yer base.

Unless someone gets hit in the head. Then it’s go time.