Does this look like a man who would intentionally throw a baseball at another human?

Fresh off his suspension for doing what every pitcher worth his own salt wants to do, Ryan Dempster returns to pitch at Fenway. Let’s get something straight: this is a bad White Sox team. The Charlotte Observer can call them “the surging Chicago White Sox” all they want but the fact remains they are 20 games under five hundred. A well-rested Dempster and a crappy opponent is a perfect recipe for another Red Sox in.

It would have been nice for a sweep against the Orioles but we’ll take two-out-of-three any time we can get it. When it comes to a bottom-feeder like the White Sox, a sweep is most definitely in order. The Tigers come to town next, then the Sox head to the Bronx, and I don’t want any September shenanigans. So sweep the friggin’ White Sox.

Seven strong from Dempster and a heaping of the usual run support would be lovely.