Just two nights after looking like they were pitching batting practice for the Rays, the quartet of Tazawa, Breslow, Uehara and Bailey shut down Tampa to preserve a 2-1 Red Sox win. The Fab Four combined for three innings of shut-out, no-hit baseball and struck out seven. Keep in mind, they were saving the W for Alfredo Aceves, so fear for the lives of their families acted as their motivation.

The offense could only muster five hits, but on of them was a two-run homer off the bat of Nava, scoring Ellsbury. Ells has an eleven game hit streak and is stealing bases like a cat burglar. A really fast cat burglar. The Sox have somehow become the American League wrecking machine, two-and-a-half games on top of the East and maintaining the best record in the AL.

Meanwhile, the Bruins are about to start overtime number three and I have drank myself sober but have been speaking in tongues since the end of regulation. There is beauty in alcohol.