It looks like the Sox are well on their way to the first win of the season. Do you have Lester on your fantasy team? I don’t, but thanks to Draft Kings I can have him in my line-up the next time he starts. Check it out – Red and I will be entering teams at certain times, giving you the opportunity to once again prove we know nothing about baseball!

Baseball season is here and that means one thing—fantasy baseball is upon us!

We know you’ve spent hour upon agonizing hour painstakingly researching your draft for season-long fantasy baseball.  So why not use your thorough knowledge of early season baseball to line your bank account to the tune of $50,000?

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This is how it works.  You enter into the link here and draft a team.  The goal is to draft the best team that you can, but be careful—you must come under the DraftKings salary cap.   Just click ENTER Team, deposit a few bucks and you’re done!  First place in the contest will win a real chance at $50,000, and the top 20 overall will be paid.  DraftKings doesn’t know what to expect with volume so there’s a chance every single person who enters will get cash!  At the very least 40% of those who enter will win.

How often do you get to parlay fantasy baseball knowledge into $50,000?  Check it out today.

Red and I will keep you posted on the contests we enter!