good-will-hunting-oral-history-2A couple of callers on Felger and Mazz mentioned “Boston” movies this afternoon and got me thinking about all the good ones that have come out recently. “Recently” meaning whatever I want it to mean so I get in all the movies I like, of course. So here are five of my favorites, in no particular order.

The Departed: I know I’ll hear about this, but I think it’s overrated. It’s like they took a great script, found great actors to play the roles, but didn’t know how to end the damn thing. So…spoiler alert…they kill everyone. Great story and acting, they just blew it in the last 15 minutes.

Gone Baby Gone: I’m not sure how much notoriety this one received, but it was outstanding. My only criticism is they eliminated the greatest character from the book (movie is based on a Dennis Lehane novel). Casay Affleck’s character had a friend who was this crazy, badass dude that would have translated great into the movie. Even without him, this is a must-see.

Good Will Hunting: This is a classic. Affleck and Damon are tremendous, and Robin Williams’ “Game 6” speech is overlooked for its brilliance. This one truly captures Boston, the good and the bad. And the ending does not disappoint.

The Town: I’ve seen this one a couple of times and I’m underwhelmed. It’s a little cheesier than most, especially with the Fenway Park tie-in. A decent movie, but not great.

Mystic River: In my opinion, the best Boston-based movie out there. Another one based on a Dennis Lehane novel, just as dark as Gone Baby Gone, but much more powerful. Great acting, great plot, great ending – even though every time I watch it I want it to end differently!

I’m sure I left out a bunch of good ones that you’ll remind me of in the comments!