I want to take a minute to send a big THANK YOU to Chad Finn and his Touching All The Bases blog. Chad has been supporting us for years, and by the way, this will be our 10th season blogging about the Sox! If not for the kind words of guys like Chad, SG might never have gained an audience. And if you haven’t been reading Chad’s outstanding Spring Training coverage, what the hell’s wrong with you.

Maybe we can get him as a guest on one of our world-famous podcasts this year, eh?

… that there is no better Red Sox-centric blog than Surviving Grady, especially if you’re the kind of slightly off-kilter chap who appreciates, say, the occasionally colorful humor of a smart-aleck headwarmer belonging to Brian Cashman or frighteningly realistic dialogue between Jacoby Ellbury and a certain “Elf.” These guys are the best. I suspect you already know that, but if you don’t, I’ll accept the thank-yous later.