To read the New York papers, you’d think it was September 10th, not April 10th. They’ve pretty much stuck a pinstriped fork in the Sox after the Yankees played home run derby yesterday.

Mike Lupica at the New York Daily News:

So the Red Sox are 1-7 and staring at 1-8 tonight becauseΒ CC Sabathia gets the ball againstΒ Josh Beckett, and nobody can remember the last time Beckett didn’t pitch like a scrub against the Yankees.


Not much to like about the Red Sox right now, because they are a bad team. They went out and spent like the Yankees on hitting over the offseason, spent like drunks onΒ Carl Crawford andΒ Adrian Gonzalez.

And Joel “Squinty” Sherman at the New York Post:

In the Red Sox’s lone victory — Friday’s series opener against the Yankees — John Lackey technically was the winner, but sure behaved like a loser. He gave up six runs in five innings while constantly belly-aching about home-plate ump Mark Wegner’s calls. Lackey has surrendered 15 runs in 8 2/3 innings in two starts, with his stuff appearing down from his Angels days.

Clay Buchholz, who is kind of Boston’s Phil Hughes, has been only slightly better than Hughes this season. He was out after 3 2/3 innings yesterday, and has now yielded five homers in 7 1/3 innings this season. He clearly has more fastball than Hughes, at present, but does not deploy it frequently enough.

We’ll see what Beckett has to say about this at 8:05.