The Official Breakfast of Daisuke Matsuzaka Starts

Up and at ’em early for the annual Patriot’s Day contest. And while the thought of watching Daisuke roll his 0-2, 12.86 ERA to the mound would ordinarily be cause for breakfast Jagerbombs, my positivity is enforced by the sudden offensive outburst. We’ve scored 18 runs in this series and the hitting has reached a point where even the most disastrous of outings might not put us under. Not that I want to test that theory, mind you.

Today, we’ve got Drew leading off, Tek and Lowrie in the line-up, and Carl Crawford, who needs our love now more than ever, batting seventh. So I’m liking our chances, even with Matsuzaka dealing. But you never know… Daisuke may just surprise us and go all last-May-against-the-Phillies on our asses. I’d welcome that.

If someone told me back in February that we’d be praying for three in row by mid-April, I’da told them to put down the crack pipe. But here we are. So let’s rally to make it happen. Three in a row! Dare to dream!