We don’t usually do mid-game posts around here, but I was…detained…and unable to post before the game. Red is already at his second game of the young season (compared to zero for me) and probably facedown in the bleachers by now, so this is what you get.

It’s 3-zip in the top of the fourth on the muscle of homers by Pedroia and Youk. Buchholz has given up nothing but a couple of walks, and Ellsbury just made a nice running catch. And I wasn’t going to say the catch preserved the no-hitter, but Hill just beat out an infield single and the no-no is gone. Would Lowrie have made the play? A discussion for another day…

I know it’s early in the game, and it’s just one game, but things seem to be looking more Red-Sox-like. I think skipping Lackey’s start so the next time he takes the hill it’s as far away from Fenway was a brilliant move. My fragile nerves aren’t ready to watch the Toronto line-up taking hacks at his stuff. And if he sucks in Oakland, maybe they’ll just leave him out there. Fer sher!

So, could this be the start of things turning around?