Is it possible that the Sox could only start Lackey during inter-league play? Because he continues to be mediocre against the American League, particularly the AL East. Lackey’s career numbers against the NL are 14-5 with a 2.96 ERA. OK, we’ll give him starts against the Orioles too (10-4, 3.05 ERA).

Even though Lackey-lovers will plead “it’s only spring training” he looked like he was in mid-season form against the Rays, which isn’t a good thing. Lackey’s combined numbers against the Rays, Yankees and Blue Jays are 21-17 with a 4.36 ERA. Tonight, five earned in five-and-a-third.

Foolishly I decided to check out Beckett’s numbers against the same three teams: 20-17 with a 5.35 ERA.

So how about Lester, Clay and Dice against the AL East? I’m too chicken to look up their numbers.

Ten days away…