I think I’m catching on to how this works. Some random media dude calls Theo Epstein and says “hey, lots of talk about you know who.” And while Theo is texting with one hand and counting his money with the other he replies “as long as it ain’t Jeter, we’re interested.” And then you get this.

According to the NESN story, Joel Sherman is saying Crawford will be looking for an 8-year, 144 million dollar contract. After dusting off the abacus I realized that’s 18 mil a year. Is there a surcharge ’cause he almost has the Nike “swoosh” on his neck? Take a look at all the things Carl Crawford has NEVER done:

  • Had 200 hits in a season.
  • Hit 20 homers in a season.
  • Had 100 RBI in a season.
  • Hit 40 doubles in a season.

All that for just 18 million bucks? And he does have that mysterious tattoo…