The game ended the way it had to: with Brett Favre making a bad decision and throwing a game-losing interception. Granted, he’d been getting his ass kicked for the entire game, but all he had to do was tuck the ball away and limp a few yards. Let Longwell be the hero. But no, he couldn’t do it. He had to be the gunslinger, and it cost the Vikings a trip to Miami.

Favre was…fill in the blank…heroic, a gamer, a warrior. The Saints clearly had a plan to brutalize the QB even at the cost of a few penalties, and it worked. And it might just work against Manning as well. But it almost didn’t work. Favre just kept getting up. And the game was there for Brett until he literally threw it away. Now we sit and wait for the Vegas odds-makers to set the line on whether Favre will retire or not. Again.

Favre’s comments after the game just made him look silly. Instead of taking accountability, he babbled some nonsense about not knowing how far he had to get to give Longwell a chance. Really? Isn’t that your job to know exactly where you are and where you need to get to? I put the video up not because I think Favre is particularly funny with his little song, but just because I like hearing him say “I choked.”