Yesterday, Curt tweeted something that was interpreted (at least by the Herald) as a hint at a comeback.

Turns out, it wasn’t. But it got us scouring tweets from Sox players current and past to seek out hidden meanings and “coded messages.” Here’s some of what we found:

@Kevin_Youkilis: “Hilltop officially out of steak fries. Preparing to go punch out head chef.”

@TerryFrancona: “Had that dream again where Julian Tavarez, dressed as a pilgrim, chases me through the woods. Might be time to cut back on the pre-bedtime Bigelow.”

@CapnCarlYastrzemski: “Back in the day, Teddy and I would greet rookies with a swift cock-punch and a box of shoes for shining. That’s how things worked.”

@TimmehWakefield: “Just made three-thousandth run to Haiti in my pick-up to transport food to survivors. Now off to help Old Man Dalton fix his mower.”

@Papelbonian: “Wife kiboshed my deal for custom-built 50 foot metal likeness of me with robot claws and lasers. Would have been cool for cookouts/rain delays. Re-reading pre-nup.”

@Jerry_Remy: “New product idea: ‘Rem’s Nuts Knits’ — little wool caps for dogs’ testicles which, I imagine, get cold in the winter.”

@Theo_Epstein: “Considering implementing the ‘Heidi Watney initiative’ to sweeten the Adrian Gonzalez offer.”

@JoshBeckett: “Just added ‘Guy at drive-thru window who gave me the wrong size Fresca’ to the list of people I need to shoot.”

@Wally_the_green_monster: “It’s official: Gonnorhea.”

If we missed any, put ’em in the comments.