Today is Jerry Remy Day on NESN, at the ballpark and in your heart.

If you’ve ever trolled another team’s broadcast or–heaven help us–been subjected to the McCarver-Buck Double Dong, you know that we, as Sox fans and NESN viewers, are spoiled.

Sure, I tune in to watch the games. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say a good chunk of me can’t afford to spend a night without the Man, the Myth, the Moustache.

Clearly, the guy can’t retire. Who’d want to fill his shoes? Who could you even recruit to warm the cockles of our collective hearts as genuinely and completely as the Remmer? If I were NESN, I’d be tapping some MIT students to start working on a Robot Remy right now. Because a Remy-free life would be no kind of life at all.

Remy love goes in the comments. As always.

And thank you, Remdawg. Here’s to another twenty.