Two weeks ago, if someone told me Youk would be leaving the Sox-Snakes game in the fifth with a shiner, I’d have assumed everyone’s favorite longshoreman ran afoul of The Big Unit behind the Fenway bleachers or, worse, got into a tussle with Mike Timlin over the last mutton leg in the clubhouse fridge. I could also envision another scenario involving a dragon and some pimps.

Turns out it wasn’t all that sexy; just a warm-up toss from Scenic Lowell that got away. But the loss of Youk–coupled with the unavailability of Gentleman Sean Casey, who was serving the first night of his three-game suspension–set up Brandon Moss to be at first base to bobble a routine grounder. A series of unfortunate events that allowed the Backs to plate what turned out to be the winning run.

It wasted a great performance by Commander Kick Ass, who was apparently bent on getting his bullpen cronies some much-needed rest after Sunday’s gameapalooza. He went eight innings and gave up the two runs, but the Sox offense couldn’t touch Haren, who coughed up only a couple hits–one to the 0-for-24 Tek, of all people. We did get our holycrapwe’regonnadoit moment in the eighth when Manny torched a liner off Tony Pena with a couple guys on, but third baseman Mark Reynolds snagged it, and that was that.

Really not much more you can say other than we’ll get back at ‘er tonight behind Justin Masterson. And we hope Youk gets well soon.

Oh, and f@#k Giambi.