The Rolling Rally starts today at noon. It’s a rally! That rolls! You can check the parade route here.

When the rally was announced yesterday, savvy work-shirkers out there should have laid the foundation for a sick day today. If you haven’t, you might want to get right to the heavy stuff as soon as you get to the office this morning. Like coughing up bits of lung, dry-heaving into the coffee machine, or explaining how you’re waiting to purchase the complete DVD set of The George Lopez Show when it becomes available — a red flag for dementia, which will no doubt have your boss sending you home before you’ve even cracked an e-mail.

I missed the 2004 parade due to the fact that I was still a mental and physical wreck, beaten down by alcohol, fried foods, anxiety and lack of sleep. And my full-time gig will probably keep me from attending today’s as well. So I’m hoping to live vicariously through your photos and vids and stories, especially if they involve Tina Cervasio, Heineken and nudity. Also, a few more shots of Jon Lester’s girlfriend wouldn’t suck.

I’m also hoping that the creators of the Pap Puppet, who somehow managed to get the thing out to Denver, will be asked to participate. Because seeing The Papel-Bot dancing alongside his wood-and-cardboard doppelganger would stand as a landmark “now I can die” moment for me.

Oh and David Lee Roth is in town tonight. So if you see him, say hi. Then feel free to mug him.