Once again, the Red Sox reward my lack of faith with a World Championship, fueled by a relentless offense, tough starting pitching, the mind of Francona, Bobby Kielty’s off-the-bench-and-into-our-hearts magic, the movie-of-the-week that is Jon Lester, Ellsbury-n-Elf, and the Mike Lowell Appreciation Society.

There were some tense moments — I’ll admit I nearly pissed myself when Jamey Carroll belted that fly ball to left in the ninth — but it all worked out in the end, the season closing with the familiar sight of the Papel-Bot going ape-sh#t. Big kudos to those fans who brought the Pap puppet to Denver… that thing deserves its own NESN show.

And howzabout a little love for Terry Francona. I’ve happily lobbed hot coals at the guy’s nuts for four seasons now, but I appreciate everything he’s done to steer the ship and stick to the game plan. He’s 8-0 in managing World Series games, has very likely seen DeMarlo Hale without pants and lived to tell about it, and will be leading your American League All-Stars in 2008 at Yankee Stadium. At this point, if news got out that he was secretly banging Jessica Biel would you be surprised? ‘Cause I wouldn’t.

So congratulations to the 2007 World Champs, the Boston Red Sox. And thanks to everyone who has stopped by this silly-ass blog every day since May 2004, and to those who have been keeping the comments coming through four seasons and two world championships. We appreciate every single one of you and promise to continue to deliver the goofy sh#t as long as you keep coming back for it.

Oh, and thanks, Sox, for the free couch.

Interesting fun fact: The first and last pitches Hideki Okajima threw in 2007 were hit for home-runs. Everything in between was pretty awesome, though.