Remember when the Sox were last in the World Series and suddenly you had Roger Clemens singing that “You’re not fully clean/unless you’re Zest-fully clean” in a TV soap ad? Actually, his voice was dubbed, but the horrific scars it left on my young psyche will never be repaired.

One of the things about being on the Big Stage in October is that our boys are going to be all over the media over the next week, so we’d better buckle down and prepare for that Johnny Damon Norelco ad and Gabe Kapler for Heinzman Kosher Franks.

The deluge officially began last night, with Curt Schilling appearing on The Late Show with david Letterman to deliver the Top Ten list:

Top Ten Secrets To The Boston Red Sox Comeback

10. Unlike the first three games, we didn’t leave early to beat the traffic.

9. We put flu virus in Jeter’s gatorade.

8. Let’s just say Pete Rose made some phone calls for us.

7. We asked Pokey Reese to be a little less pokey.

6. It’s not like we haven’t won a big game before–it’s just been 86 years.

5. Honestly, I think we were tired of hearing about the Patriots.

4. The messages of encouragement Martha sent on prison napkins.

3. We pretended the baseball was Letterman’s head.

2. What’d you expect–we have a guy who looks like Jesus!

1. We got Babe Ruth’s ghost a hooker and now everything’s cool.

Watch the video, complete with Schill in a Celtics jersey, at the Late Show site.