It’s amazing how quickly things can change. One minute, we were soaring above the stratosphere, mocking A-Rod and blowing cigar smoke in the face of Babe Ruth. The next, we’ve got mobs setting fires and trying to bust up Kenmore Square and a dead college student.

I don’t do well with the heavy stuff. Give me a Sox score and a keyboard and I can come up with a coupla reasonably humorous lines. But something like this… as Beth notes today in her outstanding blog entry… it just casts a pall over everything.

I felt it necessary to say something. But all I could conjure is this: The death of Victoria Snellgrove was absolutely, positively senseless, and the thoughts and prayers of every member of Red Sox Nation are with her family this morning.

Victoria’s death, and the madness that ensued after the ALCS win, has sucked all the good vibes out of this storybook fable, all I can do is scratch my head and ask, “why?”