What more can you possibly say about last night’s game? As the Beatles once sang, it’s getting better all the time. I’m sure the A’s arrived in town hoping to exact a little revenge for last year’s Division Series collapse; instead, they became the latest victims of the Sox juggernaut.

Man, you couldn’t have scripted a better night. Schilling looked brilliant, Ortiz belted four hits, Bellhorn continued to pose the musical question, “Todd Walker Who?” by driving in five runs. A standing ovation for Andy Dominique in his first major league at-bat. Plus we got Supermodel Gisele Bundchen giving us some quality prance before throwing out the first pitch. Magic!

And then there was Manny. Oh, Manny. How my heart does the flippy-flop every time he takes bat in hand. Is there another hitter in the business who makes it look so effortless? So second nature? We are watching an artist in his prime, boys and girls. Pay attention.

The wooden spoon goes to Kevin Millar, who looked absolutely lost at the plate, going 0-for-4 and leaving — gulp — nine men on base. But, hey, when Bellhorn, Damon and Varitek are getting three hits apiece, there’s pick-up to spare. Also, you gotta love the fact that nothing seems to get Millar down. Even after a bum night, he’s the world’s greatest cheerleader:

“Nothing is going to derail this team. We have a team that fights all the way. We have an attitude here that is passed down to everyone. You feel it as soon as you join this team. And with all the guys we have out, that’s what you’re seeing.” [from today’s Globe]

Our boys are looking iron-clad. Four in a row. Tigers in the tank. Manny on an absolutely superhuman run. Schilling the newly-crowned ace of the staff. How long can it last? Man, this summer hasn’t even begun. Ain’t it cool?

Of course, the real drama comes tonight, as The A’s encounter Derek Lowe for the first time since he knocked them out of the ALDS and then, as they allege, gestured that the whole friggin’ bench could bite his tweeter (a move that made Miguel Tejada cry and drew the ire of Scott Hatteberg, which, let’s face it, is awesome!) Lowe is already balancing precariously on the outskirts of Nutville, so it should make for remarkable TV.

And, oh yeah, can anyone play third base?