Monday night, before I leave for a meeting in New York, I hang a framed copy of the above Post cover on my home office wall. Less than half a day later, a colleague greets me at said meeting with by asking if “Pedro’s beaten up any old people lately.” I spent the next several days replaying the now-infamous tussle in my head, when I should have been focused on, y’know, work stuff.

But seriously… was there anything more bizarre than this? Ever? I mean, one minute, we’re watching another textbook Sox-Yankees dust-up; the next, cameras are following Zim as he dashes madly into the waiting arms of Petey, not unlike the Rhino charging Spiderman. It was all at once the most surreal, uproarious and unsettling spectacle I’d ever seen unfold on a baseball diamond. Well, before the final out of the 2004 World Series, anyway.

I still seek a video clip… if anyone knows where I can get some mpeg action of this notorious event, fess up.