Today is Thursday, February 9th. Write the date down, mark it on your calendar, or, what do you call it, bookmark this page. Because I have things to tell you. Things I know. And you won’t believe them, you might not like them. But remember them.

Baseball teams, like governments and countries, rise to power and fall to greater powers. A team that dominates eventually is dominated. Long streaks of championships become droughts. Conversely, weaker teams grow stronger and rise to greatness. Who in 1918 could have known what was in store for the Red Sox?

I’m here to tell you what I know. How I know is of no concern. In matters of government and national security and JFK and Area 51, well, those matters are not up for discussion.

Coco Crisp will have a better year than Johnny Damon.

Keith Foulke will not remain the closer.

Curt Schilling will not return to his pre-bloody-sock greatness.

Mike Lowell will hit 40+ doubles and 20+ home runs.

Jason Varitek will struggle at the plate.

Jon Papelbon will impress everyone with his dominance.

Roger Clemens will not return to the Red Sox.

Some good, some bad. I’ll be watching.