gty-world-series-game7-end-25-jrl-161102_16x9_992The Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. Yay. I guess as a long-suffering Red Sox fan, I should be happy for the Chicago fans. And I am. I just wish Terry Francona wasn’t the guy on the bench across the field from Joe Maddon. I thought Maddon made a lot of terrible decisions that should have cost him the series, but his players bailed him out in the end. Most notable was his bringing in Chapman in game six with a five run lead, and bringing him back in the ninth with a SEVEN run lead. My dream was to have Maddon bring him into game seven and watch him blow the lead and cost him the series. And it almost happened.

Anyway…a few final thoughts on the series:

  • See that bulge in Rizzo’s back pocket? That’s the ball that accounted for the final out. Also known as his retirement plan.
  • Charlie Sheen should have thrown in the first pitch of game seven in full “Wild Thing” majesty.
  • The tarp that was rolled out on the field for the rain delay should have been voted series MVP.
  • Will Ferrell needs to revive his Harry Caray skit one more time.

Bring on 2017…