When the Patriots beat the Rams 26-10 on Sunday, Tom Brady officially became the quarterback with most wins in the NFL history. He has now combined 201 wins in the regular season and playoffs. His record is remarkable considering you get about 20 matches tops every season and on WEEI Monday when he was asked which was his favorite win, he picked this year’s Super Bowl win over Seahawks. For the latest results, MyBookie offers updated NFL lines and odds.

His choice was logical considering Tom won three Super Bowls in his first three appearances as a starter. After that, he went for a long time without winning any and realized how difficult NFL gets. In his answer, Brady agreed to having taken the first three wins for granted as he got used to playing in, and winning the Super Bowl. “One win?” he said, “Probably the Seahawks Super-Bowl. The win is Brady’s favorite of all his 201 victories because it was so long since he had won a Super Bowl. The first few times, it was a little bit strange yet obvious as Tom played in the events every year and went home with the trophy. However, the next couple of years became harder and harder for his team to go back home victorious. As Tom admitted, 2007 was a great season and 2010 a great year yet they did not win the NFL. In 2011, they got to the Super Bowl and lost, took them two more years to get to the 2014 Super Bowl and win. “It was an incredible feeling” Tom said, “to win against a team that is one of the best we ever played against.”

The win also came after losing twice to the Giants in the previous Super Bowls. Fans were all out saying Brady and the Pats owed them a Super Bowl victory after two successive losses. The team won on a final second interception which is the moment that “sank in” according to Tom. It was a great team, a great game and an experience to be remembered in his career. He also thanked his team-mate Malcolm Butler who made the interception that helped them overcome the Seahawks 26-10 for the price of Super Bowl Winners 2014. “Thank God for Malcolm Butler” he said, “It was a great moment and our team came through, that’s why he (Malcolm) has the truck.”

Although the moments of that event are still fresh on Tom’s memory, it would not be surprising if they are soon replaced by another. The Patriots seem quite capable of winning the 2016 Super Bowl and many people are backing them to emerge victorious once more. Tom does not look like he is ready to retire any time soon and there are still chances to win one or more Super Bowls for the team before that time comes. Even if he does not, his record as a quarterback is something that other quarterbacks will be envying for a long time to come. It is simply one of the best performances in the history of Super Bowl.