An idea has been floating about that if the Boston red Sox continue to trade all their top players, they may not have a team worthy of the playoffs next season.

Recently, the Red Sox have been in talks with other top MLB teams to trade Andrew Miller, John Lackey and John Lester. And there is no doubt that the Red Sox will compete for a second season, by using the $70 million in salary relief as well as the many prospects they have to help them get their team in order. John Lester’s agents – the Levinsons – reported to ESPN that there’s been no number from his side. During negotiations it’s expected that lots of back and forth will take place, but no ballpark figures have been set.

Major League Baseball sources claim that the Red Sox contacted the Phillies, regarding starter Cole Hamels, but there were apparently unreasonable expectations from the Phillies. Figures have been flying so thick and fast, that it’s hard to pin down any set price range. Some have likened the ongoing activity to a frenzied online gambling site with all the wins and losses that stand to be made!