One of my favorite parts of bein’ at the ballpark is seeing some of the banter that goes on between fans in the stands and the on-field talent. Sometimes, it’s not all that great, like when I was sitting near Heidi Watney’s third base line perch and kept insisting that she watch my Powerpoint presentation on the benefits of dating a pale blogger.

Other times, it’s fairly awesome. Like during yesterday’s game when, right before he drilled a three-run homer to tie the game, David Ortiz was seen bullshitting with some fans.

I don’t know if they were Sox fans or Braves fans but Steve Lyons called attention to the exchange during the NESN broadcast, and I’ve captured some of it in the shitty vine below. It was very likely some innocuous banter, but I like to think — and Psycho kinda alluded to the possibility — that Ortiz was being taunted by some Braves fans and told them what he was about to do.

Hey, it’s more exciting than imagining that they were exchanging pumpkin pie recipes.