When you think about it, was there any chance that Buchholz was going to pitch well last night? After the “doctoring the ball” mind-f**k that was played on him, last night’s performance was about what I expected. I’m guessing everytime he went to the mound, he was thinking about not touching his forearm or the brim of his cap. It doesn’t take much to throw these guys off their game by changing their rituals. So hopefully it’s in the past.

The really bad news from last night – we got a two-for-one deal on injured closers. The good news is, the Red Sox pulled out a come-from-behind win, almost exclusively on the power of “Not JD” Drew’s bat. I was against bringing anyone related to, named like, or in any other way similar to JD Drew to Boston. My consecutive streak of being wrong is extended to 1,388. I rule!

We get the Dempster tonight. Respect the Dempster.