We suffered through the Sox-less playoffs. We rode the wave of the holidays to get us through early winter. We watch with semi-interest to see what the other Boston teams do. We watch in awe when, finally, the equipment trucks heads south for Spring Training. Now, we poke our heads out of hibernation and realize we are just one short week away from real baseball.

Will Jackie Bradley Jr. make the team? Will Daniel Bard? Will Papi become Wally’s partner as co-mascots or will he actually play? Will John Lackey suck? How many of Red’s ass-prints will his poor wife have to Windex off the TV screen? So many questions waiting to be answered. And the answers will come soon. Right now the clubhouse folks are airing out the locker room, getting rid of the smell of sweat, stale beer and broken dreams from last season. Bobby Valentine is far in the rear view mirror and spring (as unspring-like as it’s been) brings new hope and the promise of what might be.

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