Red Sox spring training is underway. As you might expect, tickets to see this preseason games are a bit cheaper than tickets to regular season games. But just how much cheaper? According to SeatCrunch, the difference is pretty drastic; about a $60 difference in average price, in fact. Overall, the average price of regular season tickets is about $127, while the average price for spring training tickets is $70.5

The average price of tickets to the next five spring training games are $43, $43, $46, $50 and $31 respectively. Compare that to the average price of tickets for the Red Sox first five home game opponents. The Orioles ($239), the Rays ($104), the Royals ($100), the Athletics ($81) and the Astros ($93).

The cheapest Red Sox tickets for a home game this year is the one against the Athletics on April 23rd. Tickets sit at an average price of $80.20, but get as high as $1056 and as low as $12. The most expensive game? The Yankees game on August 17th, boasts an average ticket price of $262.1. Prices range from $71 to $1266. Overall, the most expensive ticket of the year is about $3000, although surprisingly there are a few spring training tickets going for as much as $4,850.

The Red Sox have had the highest Fan Cost Index (The price of an avg. ticket, 2 beers, 2 soft drinks, 2 hot dogs, a parking pass, a program, and a cap) for several years now. Judging by the price of these tickets, it looks likely that they will hold that title once again in 2013.