Jonny Gomes, star of many a Red Sox-Rays donnybrook and half-assed wrestling aficionado, is now part of our fightin’ nine. Terms are $10 million for two years, pending the old “turn your head and cough.”

Honestly, I’ve never been much of a Gomes fan; haven’t been since that infamous dust-up between half the Rays’ bench and Coco Crisp a few years back. He puts the “dink” in “you f#$king dink” and he runs in that elite circle of Guys I’d Rather Not Have On My Team, where he reports directly to Joba Chamberlain.

That said, he was reportedly a pretty good influence in the A’s clubhouse last season, helping a scrappy group of young’uns and cast-offs rally themselves into a playoff team. And if any clubhouse could use a little positive energy, even if it’s radiating from a platoon guy, it’s ours.