Love him or hate him, he’s probably going to be your Red Sox manager for the next three weeks. And he sure as hell looks like he’s going to make it an interesting three weeks. Pictured above in an absolutely perfect summary of the 2012 season, Bobby made the big time on the cover of SI. But the real story is his interview on WEEI’s Big Show this afternoon.

I’ve long ago stopped listening to the fat little blowhard, but I did tune in and catch this little bit of radio magic. The highlight is Bobby V telling Glen Ordway that if he was there, he would punch him in the mouth (and who wouldn’t want to see that?). It’s a must-listen. Holley and Ordway actually ask the tough questions (something they would never dare with Bill Belichick) and Bobby actually answers most of them.

The folks over at have the whole thing for your listening pleasure!