Allow me to retort

Glamour Shot, have you lost your f&*king mind? I remember when you first came on the team back in ’87, you were just a skinny little thing who could run fast. And before you got too big for your britches I had two words for you: LaSchelle Tarver. Twenty-five years later I have to teach you another lesson?

Here’s how it goes: you root for anything that will keep the Yankees from winning. If you need to hire Shane Stant to bust up Robinson Cano’s knee, you do it. If you need to slip a little Murine in CC’s cocktail the night before his start, you do it. And if you have to swallow a little pride and root for the team that cock-blocked you from the playoffs last year to take the AL East away from the Yankees, you bet your ass you do it.

I hope the Red Sox show off four games of Roberto Duran-style quit when they play the Orioles.

Now go git yourself a new picture, fool, you look like Uncle Rico.