Meet Luke Scott, new member of the Tampa Bay Rays and avid Red Sox hater. Scott spoke out in a story about the last night of the 2011 season on, and Red Sox Nation won’t like what he had to say:

“It was awesome, just a beautiful thing,” Scott said.

The outspoken Scott is not a fan of Red Sox fans, making the events of Sept. 28 even more special.

“Just their arrogance,” Scott said. “The fans come in and they take over the city. They’re ruthless. They’re vulgar. They cause trouble. They talk about your family. Swear at you. Who likes that? When people do that, it just gives you more incentive to beat them. Then when things like [the last game of last season] happen, you celebrate even more. You go to St. Louis — classiest fans in the game. You do well, there’s no vulgarity. You know what? You don’t wish them bad.”

Scott, who hit a whopping .220 last year, went on and on:

“I got to see a priceless thing driving back to my apartment,” Scott said. “I see all the Boston fans walking around, and I mean they were crying crocodile tears. People were like this, walking side by side.”

Scott wrapped his arm around a reporter’s waist and began to wail to demonstrate.

“It was like someone shot their dog. I rolled down the window and I’m like, ‘Ah, hah, sucks doesn’t it, when someone laughs or makes fun of you when things aren’t going your way.'”

Friday the 13th of April is the first time Luke Scott will have a chance to experience Sox fans when they truly dislike a player. Mark it on the calendar and start planning a real Red Sox welcome for this clown.