Call me the glass-half-empty guy, but I think this season is going to be a disaster for Josh Beckett. And of course I have extensive research and evidence to support my opinion.

1) It’s an even-numbered year. Yes, the most scientific of my data shows Beckett pitches well every other year, those being the odd-numbered years. Check the stats, whether it’s ERA or injury issues, even-numbered years just aren’t his thing.

2) ChickenGate 2011. Beckett just won’t let this go. He won’t take responsibility and he won’t just move on. His latest rant is about “snitches” in the clubhouse…can you say “paranoid?” All he has to do is say he’s coming back focused and in shape and ready to have a great season. Case closed. But he is just too much of a douche to do it.

3) No personal catcher. This is probably the biggest actual concern I have for Beckett. If he’s had it in his head all these years that he needs Tek to be effective, he’s going to have problems.

This is the prefect storm of issues for Beckett to have to deal with, and my gut tells me he isn’t going to get through it successfully. With his attitude, the fans are not going to let him get away with bad outings. Just wait until the boos start, and warm up a place on the DL for him.