Following you? No, Mr. Crawford I don't even know you.

The story that the Red Sox “put a tail” on Carl Crawford before they made him an offer has been out there for a few days. It’s back in the headlines because Crawford said he was “creeped out” by the news. Here’s some news to creep you out more: if I was the one about to write a check for 142-million-dollars, I’d have someone going through your trash and hiding under your bed every night.

I’m surprised this isn’t standard operating procedure for teams. Listen, if you or I are going to spend more than a coupla hundred bucks on something, we do a little research, right? Well there’s no Consumer Reports to look at to help GM’s and owners make their decisions. It would be pretty cool if there was…

But wait…this is all public knowledge and most of those players still collected paychecks? Maybe if the spies uncovered that the player likes to wear lingerie in the evenings, or is a big fan of Desperate Housewives, they would think twice about inking a deal?

Even though I have no problem at all with what the Sox did, I really have to wonder what they thought they might find.