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As the great Huey Lewis once noted, “the power of love is a curious thing/makes one man weep, makes another man sing.” It can also make a man positively batshit loopers, which is a good thing when you consider that Josh Beckett married his rocket scientist girlfriend last weekend.

I was close to performing last rites on my dreams of ever glimpsing 2007 Josh again, but this news gives me hope. I mean, would you want to be stepping to the plate while Commander Kick-Ass is stomping across the mound, unshaved and burning off whiskey fumes, muttering, “Tell me what time I have to be in at night? Nobody tells me what time I have to be in at night.

While I certainly wish the Becketts a lifetime of cool vibes and happiness, a couple rocky months out of the gate could give our boy the fire he needs to bounce back in 2011. Just sayin’.

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