When you're Jerry Remy, you don't wonder where your next meal's coming from. You just sit back and people bring it to you.

Once that giant sandwich showed up in the NESN booth, I knew it was over.

You can’t beat giant sub mojo, and it wasn’t long after the sandwich appeared that David Ortiz cranked a three run homer, breaking up a John Lackey-Small Game James pitchers duel, and putting the Sox on top for good. Proving his glasses are strictly a fashion statement, Joe Maddon opted to pitch to the Large Father with first base open, even though he’s a robust 11-for-28 vs. Shields to Youk’s 3-for-28. After Ortiz’s bomb, Maddon looked about as comfortable as Billy Hayes during his trial in Midnight Express.

Lots of good stuff tonight: Lackey gave us seven strong, giving up just one run. Adrian Beltre, the Hitting Fool, went 4-for-4. Tek knocked in two while playing the part of Vic Martinez. And Bill Hall Who Does It All had a home run of his own.

Best of all, the Sox picked up a game on the Yanks as well, who lost to Seattle. So we stand just one game out of first and two games above the Rays. These are days of miracles and wonder, people. Just like Paul Simon promised us.

And to that, I say… hit it!