Tomorrow, we get one step closer to what we have waited all winter for: the return of Red Sox baseball. Granted, it’s only a couple of split-squad, spring training games against college teams, but it is baseball. Our favorite team will be playing in games where they actually keep score.

For me, every spring is a like an extended Christmas Eve, spent in anticipation of what is to follow. I think for all baseball fans, that Christmas lasts all summer. Some people have talked about how Boston fans have “lost their edge” or “become complacent” since winning a couple of Championships, but I don’t see it. I live and die with every game whether it’s April or October. And from what I read in the comments, most people that visit with us here are of the same mindset.

I am looking forward to not only another Red Sox season, but another great Surviving Grady season. Red and I have had our own version of “winter meetings” and think we’ve come up with some good things for 2010. At least they seemed good in the booze-addled hours of the morning that we came up with them. The final say rests with you.

Play ball!