Because he knows that for the Angels, there’s nothing that’ll wash away the taste of last night’s loss like beating up big time on Commander Kick Ass. Our fearless leader. The guy who’ll likely start game one of the 2009 ALDS. He knows that if Anaheim can knock him around but good tonight, it’ll give them something to hold on to. Something to rally behind. A excuse to say, “Well, the umps screwed us last night, but we sure beat up on your ace tonight.” It will instill them with perhaps a glimmer of confidence for when they come back in October.

And because he knows there’s no way in hell he’s gonna let that happen in his house. With a seven-game win streak on the line. And a battle for the East still raging.

Aw, I’m just bullshittin’. He’s really smiling because of that thing he did with your sister.