I know this isn’t exactly late-breaking news but the combination of Red Sox west coast games and too many years of being around Testors Model Glue have slowed me down a bit.

Some wingnut actually called the tire company owned by the Pedroia family and threatened to kill Pedroia, evidently for calling the city of Woodland “a dump” in an interview. The Sacramento Bee reports:

Samuels allegedly told the Pedroia family that males in their family would be “shot and killed,” according to the release. Police were able to trace the calls back to a residence in Woodland, where Samuels was identified as the caller and arrested, said Lt. Charlie Wilts of the Woodland Police Department.

Note to self: don’t make death threats to famous athletes from home phone.

In other news, the zillion-dollar Yankee Stadium opens for business today. Boston.com reports:

Players can drive their cars directly into the granite-and-limestone stadium, relax in the swimming pools or sauna when they arrive, then take batting practice in the spacious indoor cages off the dugout steps. Or they can e-mail from the laptops installed in each of their lockers.

And with all that luxury, the Yankee manager made an astute observation:

“I saw our laundry room for the first time,” manager Joe Girardi said. “It’s quite large.”

Brilliant. Mark Teixeira chimed in:

“I’m still finding my way around here,” new Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira said. “Then maybe I can check out the Hard Rock or one of the other steakhouses.”

Yeah. You might want to check out that .174 batting average too.

A big shout-out to Blogger for not letting me upload a picture.