The mercury should hit 60 in Boston today and that means one thing: baseball is coming. Well, it also means I’ll be getting some updates to my HR file as the women in the office start to shed sweaters and dress pants in favor of short skirts and tank tops, but that’s another story. I don’t know why but this off-season has been endless, worse than sitting through a Tim Allen film festival. Maybe it was the never-ending snow that always seemed to peak on Monday morning’s commute? Or maybe it was the surreal way last season ended: losing to the Rays in the ALCS?Whatever the case, we’re in the home stretch. Finally.

To bridge the gap, we’ve got two choices: spring training and the WBC. At least last night, the news was good on both fronts. The new-look Youk mashed a homerun and drew a bases-loaded walk to help USA advance to the next round. In spring training, Papi, Ellsbury, and everyone named “Jason” homered for the Sox. Beckett gave up three runs on six hits but really didn’t pitch poorly. Two of the hits in the long second inning were infield hits and a third was a bloop single. Beckett tore a blister on his foot at some point but should make his next start. Seriously, it would take a gunshot wound to keep him out of the lineup.

Other than that (and the unworldly hangover I’m nursing), let’s just get through another day.