This is beginning to rival the Epic Brett Favre Retirement Party and Farewell Tour as the most annoying sports non-story to make headlines on a daily basis.

Breaking news: an announcement is coming soon! Yawn.

Personally, I’m rooting for the Nats to score him. I don’t like the thought of an 8-year deal to anyone, much less a mercenary like Teixeira. Wherever he lands, it will be his 4th team in just his 7th big-league season, not to mention the non-signing with the Red Sox back in the 1998 draft. I don’t know how he’s done it, but Teixeira has avoided any and all criticism for doing exactly what guys like A-Rod, Pedro and Clemens have done: pimping themselves out to the highest bidder.

I want to see the 2009 Red Sox with a healthy Mike Lowell at third and Youk at first where he plays error-free, hits like a fool and gives young and old alike nightmares about his beard.

Come on, Nats, you need Tex more than the Sox, make it happen.