Sure, there were a lot of great Red Sox Pop Culture Moments. Like the time a slightly drunken Carl Yastrzemski appeared on the Tonight Show and tried to feel up Rita Moreno. Or the time Bill Lee and Dick Drago did a guest spot on Laverne and Shirley as a coupla foreigners who befriend the girls at Pop’s Pizzadrome. And, of course, those experimental jazz albums my man Mark Bellhorn cut with Chick Corea (now long out of print and fetching thousands on eBay).

My all-time favorite, however, is that episode of Lost, in which Ben proves to Jack that he has contact with the outside world by showing a clip of the Sox clinching the 2004 World Series. It is the stuff from which awesome is made:

May it stir a bit of passion in our boys tonight. I know it does me just fine.