Hey, you. Over there. In the skirt. My name’s Derek. And I’d like you to welcome me into your heart. Again.

Derek Lowe is putting Boston first on his list of preferred destinations now that he’s a free agent. Lowe told this reporter that while money is important, he wants to go to a quality organization committed to winning, and no organization, in his mind, fits that description better than Boston.

Would the Red Sox be interested?

That’s what Lowe doesn’t know. He left Boston after the 2004 season to sign a four-year, $36 million deal with the Dodgers. Off-the-field issues were a big factor in the Red Sox making a tough decision to part ways after he won three clinching games in the postseason that year.

I guess my question is how important is money? Because if he’d come back for short cash to be a number five guy, it might be intriguing. Otherwise, I prefer to remember the guy for his 2004 postseason heroics. And, of course, for his infamous “bite my tweeter” gesture to the Oakland bench in 2003: