Despite all the shits and giggles we like to dispense with, Denton and I are, at least part of the time, upstanding citizens within our respective communities. For one thing, we restrict our full-on groping of college chicks on the T to every other weekend. For another, we trumpet the goodness that is the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Telethon.

This year, the good folks at the Jimmy Fund are promoting “50 events in 50 states”, giving peeps around the country the chance to host a local gathering/hoedown/blockparty/pimpapalooza to raise funds for this most worthy cause. You can find events in your neck of the woods by clicking here, or you might even get off your ass and host one if your state is conspicuously absent from the list. Frequent commenter Varitekchick will be working the mojo in North Dakota, holding a party tonight. Hey, even a couple guys hanging out watching the game and getting slapped around by a hooker constitutes a gathering–just as long as someone writes a check at the end of the night.