Ozzie Guillen had a batting average of .264, with 69 homers and 619 RBI in a career that spanned 16 seasons. To hear him talk, you’d think he was a Hall of Famer. While his team clings to a half-game lead in their division, Ozzie continues to talk. And talk and talk.

Ozzie stormed into Boston spewing his street corner psychology, saying the Red Sox would not be able to play at a high level after completing a series against the Yankees. After an 8-0 pasting on Friday evening it appeared the White Sox were having trouble getting up for the series.

After last night’s 8-2, 15-hit attack left the White Sox with the smallest of leads to make the post-season, Ozzie opened his mouth, and sure enough, something came out. Referring to an intentional walk to Pedroia in the eighth:

“I never thought I would walk a jockey,” Guillen said.

It was a harmless comment, everyone knows Guillen loves Pedroia’s game. But Ozzie couldn’t stop himself, talking about Michael Bowden’s performance:

“He got us on a bad day,” Guillen said. “He’s OK. He didn’t really impress me. He beat a team that right now is not swinging the bat well. The first inning he threw all fastballs. We’re a fastball-hitting team and we couldn’t get him. When you deserve credit, I’ll give you credit. He didn’t impress me.

When a 21-year-old kid shuts down a major league team in his debut as a starter, it’s impressive. Wake goes for the sweep this afternoon on a picture-perfect day in Boston. Maybe the 42-year-old knuckleballer can impress Guillen.