Two things:

1) Last night’s season finale of LOST was further proof of why this show is the best goddam thing on television. It’s got everything–action, drama, a touch of sci-fi, Evangeline Lilly’s finely-sculpted ass, and even some romance. Hell, I’m man enough to admit that when Desmond and Penny embraced, I cried like a goddam six year old kid whose Carlton Fisk rookie card just got chewed up by vicious sewer rats (like that’s never happened to you). Every time I think this show’s gonna pull a Twin Peaks and collapse under the weight of its own complexity, LOST shuffles its ass in a completely unexpected and mind-blowing direction, and I’m all too eager to follow. I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up, although the gap until next season — which starts in February 2009 — is almost laughable. But it will probably take me that long to construct my theory of how Locke is really Jacob. (And, yes, that is Juliet Burke herself, Elizabeth Mitchell, in the photo above sporting a Sox cap. She was in attendance at Wednesday’s Sox-Mariners game and we thank Brad and Jay for the photo.)

2) RIP Harvey Korman. You’ll be missed, Hedley.